Licensing and Funding

At least until a sustainable funding model is established, VegaFusion will be developed under the AGPLv3 license. This is a copy-left license in the GPL family of licenses. As with all OSI approved licenses, there are no restrictions on what code licensed under the AGPL can be used for. However, the requirements for what must be shared publicly are greater than for licenses that are more commonly used in the Python ecosystem like Apache-2, MIT, and BSD-3.

See the Download Source Link section for information on how VegaFusion can be configured to display a “Download Source” link in its dropdown menu.

Contributors are asked to sign a Contributor License Agreement that will allow their contribution to be re-licensed in the future. For example, the project could be re-licensed to one of the more permissive licenses above, or it could be dual licensed with a commercial license as a means to raise funds.